Our Services


Flat foiling, micro etch foiling, combined foiling and embossing. Depending on the specification and budget of the project we will advise between three different types of metal block. We can also foil the edge of business cards.


Single, multi level and engraved sculpture embossing are all available.

Die cutting

From simple shapes to more intricate designs, we also employ lasercutting for projects where complexity may become an issue.


Single and multi head drilling available on sheet sizes ranging from flipcharts to swing tags.

Duplex Gluing

Gluing together two sheets (duplexing), three sheets (triplexing) or more, we will test glue any 2 materials together to see how they react.

Litho Printing

Utilising our Heidelberg single SRA3 litho press.

Wiro Binding

Standard book wiro, half Canadian wiro and full Canadian wiro are all available in-house. We supply tests and mock-ups for the purpose of designing crease positioning for the finished product.



Letterpress is the original method of printing and is now enjoying a return to popularity for the beautiful effect it provides. In contrast to litho and digital print, heavy indent is inherent in the pressure based process, creating a lovely 3D effect to the work which is further enhanced with cotton based stocks. It offers the full range of pms colours to tie in with your branding guidelines whilst offering a beautiful "craft" finish.

Multi Process Projects

Producing multiple process jobs in-house is our speciality. See our Tabernacle project for an example which utilises two colour litho, embossing, die cutting, duplexing and twin creasing.


Produced by adding a thermographic powder to wet ink immediately after it comes off the press, the sheets are passed under a heater causing the powder to melt, rise and then dry as solid. Using a clear powder means it can create a raised text or image in any pantone colour.


Expertise in commercial size guillotining ensures clean, even edges to high value projects, as well as avoiding bevelling and blurring of edges on thick duplex stocks. We also offer a commercial trade guillotining service for clients with wrapping and labelling as required.