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A14 Sachin Tendulkar’s real cricket bat maker video!

by A14 : Specialist Printers

Have a click and watch the latest A14 sponsored Made in England video about the real maker of Sachin Tendulkers cricket bats!

A14 : Made in England vimeo

by A14 : Specialist Printers

A14 are delighted to be chosen as one of the select few!  Click HERE and enjoy!

An outstanding series of short videos carefully constructed by Our Secret Lab to showcase their chosen examples of companies in the UK with a high level of craft and attention to detail…



OsL Made In England Ident

GF Smith Mill Trip

by A14 : Specialist Printers

Roger at GF Smith colorplan Millphoto 2

A14_ ’s | GF SMITH Mill Trip
We were recently lucky enough to receive an invite from one of our main suppliers, the superb paper manufacturers GF Smith. When I announced that I was going on this behind-the-scenes tour, my father made it quite clear that I would not be going alone, and as you can see from the photo, he was possibly even more excited than I was… it was an incredible experience to actually meet all of the GFSmith crew and see the processes that go into making something many people often take for granted (although we most definitely do not!)  

The GF Smith guys have made a series of short films to give everyone an idea of exactly what goes into making the very finest of British parchments… here’s my favourite about their ‘Colorplan Bright Red’ paper, with its audio design being almost as stunning as its visuals.  Click the link to watch it..

DVPR Business Cards

by A14 : Specialist Printers


DVPR bus card clear matt foil emboss



DVPR | Print. Works.
We like to think that one of our specialities is to be able to apply a number of complex and highly refined processes to one design job should it be required. But sometimes less, can quite literally, be more in terms of final impact. The London fashion PR company DVPR had tasked the OurSecretLab creative agency with completely redoing their branding, and we’re proud to have worked with OsL on the print side of things. The final business cards were “truly inspirational” (a direct quote from the client themselves), from the use of negative blocking, the weight choice and silver foil edging.

Devetta PR Triplex Business Card 55x85mm

Colorplan 350gsm pristine white plain (fronts)
Colorplan 700gsm Smoke plain (centres)
Colorplan 350gsm pristine white plain (backs)
Blind/Matt Foil Emboss on white fronts ‘logo’
Gloss Black foil on white backs | ‘details’
Matt Silver foil on white backs | ‘christian names’
Triplex Glue white fronts to smoke centre to white backs to make 1400g finished weight
Matt Silver foil on surround to match Christian Names.

“…once we’d been shown some full print mock ups and loved them, we then decided late on to have the additional silver foiling along the sides, it wasn’t a problem at all and was just done straight away without any fuss or issue. And we’re glad that we went with their recommendation in the end, as the finished product was absolutely everything we’d wanted in terms of finish and more. The guys also worked to a pretty severe deadline because we wanted them ready for our visit to China, at the launch of the new Shanghai Tang collection (which is one of our most important annual projects), yet this didn’t impact on the quality at all as universally every person I handed our new cards to made mention of the new branding and the quality of the business cards themselves… truly exceptional work from all concerned…” – Phillipa Devetta, Founder/CEO, Devetta Pr (DVPR).

Summer 2014

by A14 : Specialist Printers

Adtrak bus cards under inspection

Adtrak -Production photoshoot

A14 welcomed Simon & Alun from Adtrak in to pass their 540gsm Colorplan  foiled and Edge foiled business cards,  and take photos of them in production…and they kindly shared the results with us!